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Audio Guest Book

Serving the Lower Mainland

We offer a unique and innovative way to capture the messages of loved ones at all of life's precious moments. An Audio Guestbook allows guests to record their personalized messages, greetings, or stories in their own voice. Guests are able to express themselves in a personal and heartfelt way to make the event a memorable one. The audio recordings can be used as keepsakes for the hosts and guests to cherish for the years to come. 

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About Us

How it Works

1. Your guests pick up the phone and listen to your personalized pre-recorded message.  

2. After the "BEEP" they can start recording their message (similar to a voicemail). 

3. After they have finished recording, they return the phone on its cradle. The recording will then be saved. 

4. After the event we will retrieve all the recordings and compile them for you to cherish and hold on to.


5. Get Back to Partying!  


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